How to Dispose of Old Lawn Mowers?

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Tired of tripping over a broken lawn mower every time you go into your shed or garage? If you have a grass cutter or trimmer taking up space inside, or rusting away in the corner of the yard, why not get rid of them? We know disposing of an old lawn mower or landscaping equipment can be difficult and frustrating. Here are some suggestions.

How to Dispose of Old Lawn Mowers

Lawn mower disposal in some locations can be complicated due to environmental concerns. They don’t fit in the trash bin, and curbside pickup usually won’t take them. However, many places that will take them.

If the old lawn mower still works, you can advertise it on a local board or online for sale. Have a yard sale. Some businesses will take them for trade when you buy a new one from them. You could give it away to someone in need – maybe an enterprising teen in trade for doing your lawn.

Some charities also take working mowers in good repair, check and see if they want them cleaned and empty of gas. For mowers or lawn equipment that no longer works, they could be sold for scrap metal or parts.

Check with local schools that have trades programs; they may be looking for new projects for students to work on. You may be able to take and recycle them in your area too.

Who Buys Broken Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers, trimmers, and other lawn equipment that doesn’t work are more difficult to get rid of. You could take a picture and post it with a description, noting that it doesn’t work. Someone may need some parts or a replacement deck for theirs. Scrap metal dealers will buy the metal; you may have to remove the non-metal parts though.

One often overlooked group of buyers are mechanics. They’ll often buy non-working lawn and landscaping equipment, fix it up, and sell it. It’s a great source of income, and the work frequently gets done by apprentices learning the trade. A mechanic often also pays more than the local scrap dealer too.

A yard or garage sales attract interested people from all over. Push that old rider, mower, or rototiller out and see what you get.

Your junk is someone else’s treasure. If it doesn’t sell, then you may have to recycle a lawn mower. Check and see what is required before taking it there; it may save you a second trip.

Get Rid of a Broken Lawn Mower

Getting rid of mowers and other lawn and garden machines isn’t easy. You can recycle gas lawn mowers and other equipment. However, you may have to drain the gas and oil and dismantle some parts. Plus, you have to get it to the recycling or transfer site.

Some trade schools and service clubs take broken old lawn mowers, tractors, and yard equipment and repair them for resale to raise money.

Youth groups have also begun repairing them in some locations too. The youth learn a skill, and the club raises money. Some individuals will take and turn them into art pieces, go-karts, or even motorized skateboards. It may not work for you, but it may be just what someone else is looking for.

Lawn mowers and most landscape equipment are metal. You can dismantle and separate the metals from nonmetals, and take it to a scrap metal company. They’ll pay more for the metal than if it was still a lawn mower. You could save it up or combine with friends and family for a more significant load of metal and get a better return.

What to do With Old Lawn Mowers

If you have tried to sell or give your old mower away with no luck, or you don’t have the time or interest, you can just leave it where it is. However, if that doesn’t work for you, old lawn mower recycling may be an option. You may have to pay a fee, empty the oil and gas, and dismantle some stuff, plus take it there.

If taking that old lawn equipment to recycle isn’t the plan for you, contact our eco-friendly team for an old lawn mower pick up, and we’ll do it for you! Royal Junk is a national junk disposal green company. We’ll pick up your unwanted lawn equipment, haul it away, and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.

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