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Providing the Pittsburgh area with professional, fast and eco-friendly junk removal services.

What We Take

Hot Tubs

You just had a new hot tub installed? Great! Now, what do you do with the old one? Call us and we will retrieve your old hot tub and dispose it properly for you.


Wondering how to remove all those bulky appliances from your home? Our friendly and professional specialists can carry those with great safety and convenience.


Get rid of your old TV. With us, you can now dispose or recycle your TV set with great convenience and safety.


Storing of old furniture can steal your storage space. If you have a lot of unnecessary furniture lying around, hire us to remove and dispose of these furniture so you can save on space.


Always tripping over those old bikes? Let our professionals remove them.


While getting your big mattress down from your apartment you can expect a lot of bumping around, broken vases and a funny looks from neighbors. Save yourself the hassle, our team can come along and have this done for you.


Worried where to dispose your old refrigerator? Our team take, dispose, or recycle (if doable) your old refrigerators at a proper recycling facility.


Old electronics have batteries and old light bulbs that can damage the environment when not properly disposed. Call us so we can properly and safely dispose all of your e-junk.


Old carpets are musky and an eyesore. If cleaning is not an option anymore, call us an we will remove your old carpets so your floor is ready for the new ones.

Air Conditioner

Air conditioning units are hard to remove especially those ceiling and wall types that are embedded. Our team can handle the removal and extraction of these units with no damage to your wall and ceiling.


Old computers and monitors contain a lot of materials that can be harmful to the environment. If you have old computers, let our team of experts handle the retrieval and disposal for you!


Never toss your printer out with normal wastes. Let our professionals pick up and dispose your printer in no time.


Taking that old couch outside for disposal can be a chore. Our team of expert movers will help you with your couch problem and handle the disposal for you.

Washing Machine And Dryer

Removing an old washing machine and dryer is not that simple because of the plumbing and wirings involved. Our team of professionals can come in and remove your old washer and dryer and leave the space ready for your new appliance.


You don’t need to disassemble, lift, and haul your dishwasher. Our experts can do the heavy lifting of disposing and even recycling your old appliance.


Trash is a dirty business; let our specialists take it away.


Dispose and recycle your old unused tires properly. We can either pick up and dispose or properly recycle your tires, if possible.

Yard Waste

If a yard is starting to look like a 'junk shop', then it’s time to cleanup:) Call us and we will take all your waste and make your yard safe again!

Scrap Metal

Keeping around scrap metal in your storage, garage and yard can be dangerous. These items are sharp and can cut or pierce easily. Our team can come in and take away all the junk scrap metal to make your home safe.

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Our Values

High Standards

Our business delivers high standards of service to our customers. We believe that punctuality, dependability, efficiency, and cleanliness are key to our success and growth. Our clients expect it. Our employees deliver it. Your satisfaction is how we measure our success, and how we grow our company.

Inspired by Challenges

We are driven by the challenge to be recognized by our clients as the most reliable residential and commercial junk removal business in Pittsburgh for 2019 and beyond. Our professionals accept the challenge to deliver the highest standard of services for our customers while meeting all waste disposal challenges. Our flexible service plan is up to the challenge, contact our friendly service reps and give us a challenge.

Team Work

Our business is built on teamwork. Customer service teams schedule pickups and disposals by our uniformed driver and assistant teams. Working together they deliver high standards of dependable service to our residential and commercial clients. Teamwork allows us to provide the most reliable trash removal in Pittsburgh. Teamwork is how we grow our business.

Pittsburgh Junk Facts and Numbers

We are an eco-responsible customer oriented junk removal business.


Providing dependable eco-friendly junk removal in Pittsburgh and area is our goal. Whether one time or regularly, we’ll meet your residential and commercial waste disposal needs. No matter the reason or the season, inside or out, upstairs or down, give us a call and we’ll make the haul.

Pittsburgh has a population of about 300,000 but a metropolitan community of over 2.3 million. 2019 saw a revision and extension of the 10-year Solid Waste Management Plan, with a push to move closer to the State’s recycling goal of 35%. The area has maintained its disposal of garbage over the past decade at 900,000 tons annually.


However, it has increased the amount diverted from landfills through recycling by 150,000 tons over the same period. We are an eco-friendly green business ready to meet the challenges you experience with your residential and commercial junk removal.

Our goal is to deliver the highest standards of service to our clients in an eco-responsible manner. For friendly, prompt service to your trash challenges, text, email or call our customer service reps.

Why Choose Us


Our trained customer service team and pick up - disposal team have the experience to solve your waste challenges. Our professionals are here to provide solutions to the challenges in junk removal in Pittsburgh and area. For your commercial and residential rubbish needs, contact our experienced team.


The only price you pay is for what we take away. We accept debit, credit or cash.


Contact our friendly customer service representatives today to arrange prompt, dependable junk and trash removal in Pittsburgh and area. They’ll set up your residential and business pick up and disposal to meet your schedule.

Coverage Map in Pittsburgh

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5.0 / 5

Had to clean my house in Baltimore. I gave Royal Junk a holler when we were getting it ready for sale. It took 2 dumpsters! What a job! I’m still stunned at what they got done.

5.0 / 5

Royal junk gives us great services for our food truck in Boston at bulk prices. It helps to have your team’s junk removal services every other day without any reminders or follow-ups!

5.0 / 5

They delivered an unmatched level of service to my satisfaction. I called their helpline number at 3PM and they called back within 10 minutes. One of their executives, I don't remember the name, came and picked away all of our yard waste the same day. I am so glad that I called the Royal Junk guys.

5.0 / 5

Royal junk did an efficient job getting out the old bathtub and bathroom fittings from our motel. No damage or remnants left behind. Thank you!

5.0 / 5

Hygienic, friendly & quick! We had tons of building material and other misc debris occupying half our driveway. Royal-Junk arrived at our place and finished the junk removal task in just under an hour. It was a time-consuming job that needed extreme labor, but they were expert about it all. I would unquestionably suggest choosing these guys for any sort of junk removal.

5.0 / 5

My school had a bunch of junk printers, monitors, and CPUs taking up space. We gave Royal Junk a shout. They came in; very professional, cleared it all out and even swept the whole area!

4.8 / 5

Great service guys! Not someone to be careless about waste disposal, I looked up junk removal services and decided to go with Royal-junk. Their staff did the job in record time. Definitely topping my recommendations for any electronic junk removal services in Baltimore.

5.0 / 5

Our garage was full of a couple of bathtubs televisions and old tires. Thanks to Royaljunk’s speedy service and prompt attention, it cleared up in no time. Definitely going to be a return customer of these services.

5.0 / 5

We renovated our house last year and have been pushing the dreadful junk removal part for a while now. We were happy with the overall experience of royal-junk including turnaround time, speed, service, and cost. For the truckloads of junk we had, your costing was totally worth it. Thanks!

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