Junk Removal in Nashville, TN

Providing the Nashville area with professional, fast and eco-friendly junk removal services.

What We Take


If you are planning to replace your refrigerator, you will find that getting that big and old ref out of the house might be challenging. Call us and let our team handle this job for you.


Are bikes and parts in the way? Time to ‘recycle my junk’ with our pros!


Make your mattress disposal easy and eco-friendly. Royal-Junk’s professional crew can pick up and transport your old beddings anytime, any day.


Do you have a busted TV? Those large screens can be hard to dispose. Call us and our team of professionals will handle the pick up and disposal for you.


Old electronics have batteries and old light bulbs that can damage the environment when not properly disposed. Call us so we can properly and safely dispose all of your e-junk.


Removal of old furniture is half the problem of renovating. Let us handle this half of the problem so you can concentrate on renovation.


Replacing your old carpet with a new one should not be tedious. Our team of professional removers can pick carpets from either concrete and hardwood floors fast and easy.

Hot Tubs

If you just replaced your hot tub, we recommend not storing the old one in the garage or storeroom. It can store water and become a breeding ground for mice. Let our team come in and remove this old tub from your home.


No more banging and striking when you move your appliances out your home. Our expert removal experts can handle all these tedious work for you.


Are old monitors, computers, and peripherals lying in every corner of your office? Let our professional clear and dispose it now.


If your old printers are messing your room, don’t worry. Let us take it so it will be disposed properly and won’t harm the nature.

Air Conditioner

Air conditioning units are hard to remove especially those ceiling and wall types that are embedded. Our team can handle the removal and extraction of these units with no damage to your wall and ceiling.

Scrap Metal

We know that heavy scrap metals are tedious to remove and transfer. Let our professional removers clear and haul away all those wastes fast and easy.

Washing Machine And Dryer

Getting your old washing machine out of your home is a tedious work. Let our team help you remove and dispose your washer with great care.

Yard Waste

If a yard is starting to look like a 'junk shop', then it’s time to cleanup:) Call us and we will take all your waste and make your yard safe again!


Trash is our business. Our specialists will haul it away


Make sure your tires are picked up by responsible tire removal service. We pick up, store, and even able to recycle your tires safely and properly.


Don’t let your old couch sit around your house and collect dust. Let us pick up, recycle, or donate your couch whenever possible.


Removing you old dishwasher can be tricky since it’s bulky and have pipings installed. Call us in and we will handle the disassembly, removal and disposal of your old dishwasher.

Our process

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Our Values

High Standards

Our customers expect high standards of service, and we deliver. Punctuality, efficiency, cleanliness, and dependability are as important to our employees as they are to you. It’s a formula that creates success and growth. Our employees are the cornerstones of our business; high standards of service is the mortar. A satisfied customer is a measure of our success.

Inspired by Challenges

Our goal for 2019, and every year is to provide our clients with the most dependable residential and commercial junk removal in Nashville and the surrounding area. The challenge to deliver high standards of service and solutions to waste removal for our clients drives our professionals as they strive to meet all challenges. Contact our friendly customer service reps and put our flexible service plan to work for you.

Team Work

Teamwork helps us deliver high standards of services to meet all your trash removal in Nashville and area. Our customer service reps are an integral part of our team, as are our uniformed driver and assistants. Together they work to meet all your junk removal and disposal challenges promptly and dependably. Teamwork grows our business.

Nashville Junk Facts and Numbers

We are an eco-friendly customer service oriented residential and commercial junk removal business serving Nashville and area.


Our company delivers reliable eco-responsible solutions to trash removal in Nashville. We do one time only, repeat scheduled pickups, even multiple disposals a day. Whatever your residential or commercial rubbish challenges, we have a solution. Inside or out, upstairs or down, no matter the season, we’ll take your call.

Nashville has a city population of almost 660,000 and a metropolitan population of about 1.6 million. The municipality has a plan to decrease solid waste disposal through diversion and re-use with a goal of 90% diversion. Landfills annually receive about 800,000 tons of waste, while another 250,000 tons is diverted through recycling and composting. As an eco-friendly green company, our goal is to assist our clients with their residential and commercial junk removal in an environmentally compatible way.

We aim to provide high standards of service to our customers and eco-responsible disposal within our community. For prompt, friendly service for all your trash removal in Nashville, just call text or email our customer service specialists.

Why Choose Us


Call, text or email our customer service representatives to schedule prompt and dependable residential and commercial junk removal in Nashville and surrounding area. They’ll arrange for pick up and disposal, so it works best for you.


We accept credit, debit or cash, and you only pay for what we haul away


From our professional pickup and disposal teams to our friendly customer service reps, we have the experience to meet all your waste disposal challenges. We are driven to deliver the best junk removal in Nashville and area.

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4.9 / 5

Had a pile of junk but couldn’t get a burn permit. Royal Junk sent a dumpster with two servicemen who filled it up, and then hauled it away! Thank you!

5.0 / 5

I call Royal junk removal services every quarter for the trash my four kids build up around the house. You guys make the job so much easier and DEFINITELY cheaper!

5.0 / 5

Company’s approach to dealing with complete household junk removal is soothing to see. My husband was delighted that I finally approved one of the junk removal services in town. I’d recommend them to all the neat freaks like me =D

5.0 / 5

Thanks to royal junk for helping me clear out junk from my dorm in half the time expected - my university gave us just two days’ time to clear out and you guys made it possible!

5.0 / 5

I set up bi-monthly pick up with these guys. They haven’t missed a pickup since I hired them, and they even load it up! These guys are awesome!

5.0 / 5

Prompt response time and service. Would recommend for any junk removal services around town. Pricing ain’t bad too.

5.0 / 5

Prompt, friend, and dependable. They took everything we wanted gone! A great staff, really clean too! I’ll have them back, and recommend them for any garbage job in Boise!

5.0 / 5

I was pressed for time to clear up my family home before the auction day. The team at Royal junk got the old carpets, furniture, mattresses, and all the junk out fast and easy. Light on the pocket too. If you’re looking for same day junk-removal services at a good price point, these guys are your people!

4.8 / 5

Great service guys! Not someone to be careless about waste disposal, I looked up junk removal services and decided to go with Royal-junk. Their staff did the job in record time. Definitely topping my recommendations for any electronic junk removal services in Baltimore.

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