Junk Removal in Milwaukee, WI

Providing the Milwaukee area with professional, fast and eco-friendly junk removal services.

What We Take


Replacing your old carpet with a new one should not be tedious. Our team of professional removers can pick carpets from either concrete and hardwood floors fast and easy.


Get rid of your old TV. With us, you can now dispose or recycle your TV set with great convenience and safety.


Old cooking appliances can be a fire hazard. If you are planning to replace your old appliances, call us and we will handle the removal of those big ovens and stoves.


Old electronics have batteries and old light bulbs that can damage the environment when not properly disposed. Call us so we can properly and safely dispose all of your e-junk.

Hot Tubs

If you just replaced your hot tub, we recommend not storing the old one in the garage or storeroom. It can store water and become a breeding ground for mice. Let our team come in and remove this old tub from your home.


Make your mattress disposal easy and eco-friendly. Royal-Junk’s professional crew can pick up and transport your old beddings anytime, any day.


Are wheels and frames and other bike parts taking up space in your shed or garage? Schedule a clean out and be rid of them.


If you are planning to replace your refrigerator, you will find that getting that big and old ref out of the house might be challenging. Call us and let our team handle this job for you.


Removal of old furniture is half the problem of renovating. Let us handle this half of the problem so you can concentrate on renovation.


Don’t know where to put your old and broken printer? We can help you remove and dispose your printer so it doesn’t add to your office clutter.


Are old monitors, computers, and peripherals lying in every corner of your office? Let our professional clear and dispose it now.

Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are too heavy to carry. Save yourself time and effort. Our experts can properly lift, transfer, and dispose your damaged air conditioner anytime.


Trash is a dirty business; let our specialists take it away.


You don’t need to carry your couch out your home. Our experts can definitely help you transfer your old couch and even bring it to the proper center for recycling.


Removing you old dishwasher can be tricky since it’s bulky and have pipings installed. Call us in and we will handle the disassembly, removal and disposal of your old dishwasher.

Washing Machine And Dryer

Removing an old washing machine and dryer is not that simple because of the plumbing and wirings involved. Our team of professionals can come in and remove your old washer and dryer and leave the space ready for your new appliance.

Scrap Metal

Old car parts, metal bed frames, and other debris are just some of the common scrap metal junk that can accumulate on your yard. The disposal of these dangerous and harmful junk is a priority. Call us now and we will clear out your yard and make it clean and safe.

Yard Waste

Outsource the cleaning and hauling of your yard waste. With the help of our experts, you can now easily remove eyesores in your yard.


Dispose and recycle your old unused tires properly. We can either pick up and dispose or properly recycle your tires, if possible.

Our process

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Our Values

Team Work

Our business is built on teamwork. From the customer service teams to our professional removal and disposal teams, we work to schedule and complete your junk pickups efficiently and promptly. Our teams work together to accomplish your residential and commercial trash removal in Milwaukee successfully. Whether the same day, twice a day or any day, teamwork grows our success.

High Standards

High standards are key to our success. Our trained and skilled professionals strive to provide high standards of dependability, punctuality, efficiency, and cleanliness to our customers. The goal of our company is to expand our client base and repeat customers through our high standards of service. We measure our success by our growth and your satisfaction.

Inspired by Challenges

We are inspired by challenges. Our business aims to provide the best residential and commercial junk removal in Milwaukee and area. Challenges inspire our professional teams to provide the highest standards of service to our clients for not only 2019, but for every year. Our flexible service plan adapts to meet your domestic or business disposal requirements. All you need to do is call; we’ll do the pick-up and haul it away.

Milwaukee Junk Facts and Numbers

We are an eco-responsible customer service oriented junk removal business.


We aim to deliver dependable eco-friendly junk removal in Milwaukee and area. To meet your residential and commercial waste disposal requirements, our customer service oriented business will haul away your junk winter, spring, summer, and fall. Whether inside, outside, upstairs or down just give us a call, and we’ll haul it all.

Milwaukee has a population of about 600,000, but the metropolitan area is over 2 million. The city alone produces around 300,000 tons of landfill trash annually and recycles an additional 200,000 tons of materials. Our company’s eco-responsible green practices for residential and commercial junk removal will help improve those numbers. Contact our customer service representatives and schedule the disposal of your rubbish, trash, and yard waste.

Our friendly customer service and pick up teams provide dependable and prompt solutions to your waste disposal challenges. Our goal is to deliver the highest standard of services to meet all your garbage requirements.

Why Choose Us


The price we charge is based on what we take away. We accept credit, debit, and cash.


Prompt, dependable, reliable and clean is what customer service means to our teams. For pick up and removal of business and residential waste, contact our teams for the best junk removal in Milwaukee.


We pride ourselves on having the experience to deliver the best trash removal experience to our customers. Our experienced and skilled teams of professionals are driven to provide the best junk removal in Milwaukee. They’ll solve your garbage disposal challenges with a high standard of service, and dispose of your residential or commercial trash in an eco-friendly way. No challenge is too big, or too small.

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5.0 / 5

I needed to clear off accumulated junk from my countryside home in San Francisco and couldn’t do so myself so called you. Hats off for service that was clean, prompt – they even followed up with pictures of the entire area as I wasn’t available in person. Many thanks, guys!

4.9 / 5

A friendly and efficient staff that patiently meet all your questions. Full points on service and costs. Definitely my go-to junk specialists in Colorado Springs!

5.0 / 5

My bistro in Charlotte got pummeled in the last big wind. Destroyed awnings, umbrellas, and glass topped table. Talked to the Royal-Junk reps, they sent a team out real fast. Guys cleaned it all up and took it away within an hour or so. Thank you!

5.0 / 5

I run a small event set up in Colorado Springs for birthday parties and usually have a very small time window to get the junk moved out. Never been disappointed by your team so far and it’s been two years of dependence…great to have you in my corner!

5.0 / 5

Overall good experience with the team! I used to rent dumpsters for my pottery and nursery classes until I came across royal junk and realized how very cost effective this set up is. It's been six months and they never miss a pick-up cycle.

5.0 / 5

I was on the lookout for junk removal in San Francisco and chanced upon your firm. The staff is courteous and punctual. The price point is worth it too.

5.0 / 5

We missed our regular pickups a couple of times KC and things were piling up. Reached to Royal junk reps. It was gone the same day we called! They even carried it from the back shed! I didn’t even have to bust my carrying it to the curb!

5.0 / 5

Speedy service at great prices! Love the demeanor of your team, always good to interact and work with.

5.0 / 5

Recently moved into an older house. Had a bunch of yard waste and rubbish. Got in touch with Royal junk. Wow! I’ll be calling you when I start renovating the house!

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