Junk Removal in Boise, ID

Providing the Boise area with professional, fast and eco-friendly junk removal services.

What We Take


Want to replace your old furniture with new sets? We pick up large and bulky furniture to give space for your new appliances and furnishes.


If a bulky, old appliance is becoming an eyesore in your home, we can help. We remove old television while keeping Mother Nature safe and protected.


Make your mattress disposal easy and eco-friendly. Royal-Junk’s professional crew can pick up and transport your old beddings anytime, any day.


Old cooking appliances can be a fire hazard. If you are planning to replace your old appliances, call us and we will handle the removal of those big ovens and stoves.

Hot Tubs

Thinking of where to dispose your old hot tub? Our experts will help disassemble and dispose your hot tub without compromising the ecosystem.


How do you get rid of old bikes and parts? Give us a call; we’ll save you the trip.


Got a new flooring for your home? Our experts can remove your old carpet without you lifting a finger.


Those old and large refrigerators are inefficient and use a lot of electricity. If you are planning to upgrade, call us and we will unplug and dispose your old refrigerator for you.


Discard old electronic gadgets and equipment from your home. Let our experts take your e-wastes without hassle.

Air Conditioner

Air conditioning units are hard to remove especially those ceiling and wall types that are embedded. Our team can handle the removal and extraction of these units with no damage to your wall and ceiling.


Never toss your printer out with normal wastes. Let our professionals pick up and dispose your printer in no time.


Don't let old and obsolete computers steal your living space. Our professionals can take, dispose, and even recycle (if possible) old PCs and peripherals.

Washing Machine And Dryer

Washing machines and dryer are too bulky for your car to handle. Our team can help you transfer and dispose your old appliances with our big and sturdy trucks.

Scrap Metal

We know that heavy scrap metals are tedious to remove and transfer. Let our professional removers clear and haul away all those wastes fast and easy.

Yard Waste

If a yard is starting to look like a 'junk shop', then it’s time to cleanup:) Call us and we will take all your waste and make your yard safe again!


Trash is a dirty business; let our specialists take it away.


Old tires don’t really serve a purpose. So, let’s us pick up those old tires and we will dispose them properly for you.


If you don't want your dishwasher go to the landfill, give us a call. We can help you recycle or even donate your bulky dishwasher so it won’t make a negative impact on the nature.


Taking that old couch outside for disposal can be a chore. Our team of expert movers will help you with your couch problem and handle the disposal for you.

Our process

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Our Values

High Standards

Our business is based on delivering high standards of service to our customers. To expand our client base and repeat customers, we know punctuality, dependability, cleanliness, and efficiency are the keys to success. Our service experts provide the highest standards of service for customer satisfaction, which our clients have come to expect.

Team Work

Our business is team driven to meet your waste disposal needs. Email, call or text our customer service team to arrange a junk removal team to pick up and dispose of your rubbish. We’ll meet your residential and commercial trash challenges efficiently and dependably with teamwork.

Inspired by Challenges

Our goal for 2019 and beyond is to provide the most dependable residential and commercial junk removal in Boise and area. We are prepared to meet all residential and commercial trash challenges using our flexible service and disposal plan. Whether big or small, we’ll dispose of it all!

Boise Junk Facts and Numbers

We are a green, eco-responsible, customer service driven junk disposal company.

We are a customer service business driven to provide reliable and dependable junk hauling in Boise and area. Our flexible service plan adapts to meet your residential and commercial waste service requirements. No matter the size, our professional service and pick up teams will answer your call, and be there to haul it all away.

Boise has a population of approximately 225,000 and a recycling and waste disposal plan and program. In 2006 Boise collected 500,000 tons of residential and commercial solid waste and 10,000 tons of recyclables, by 2015 that had improved to 369,000 and 30,000 tons. We are a green, eco-responsible business offering residential and commercial junk removal in Boise. Let us dispose of your rubbish, yard waste, and bulky items, in an eco-friendly way.

Our friendly customer service reps and professional pick up teams provide reliable and dependable junk removal and disposal.  To deliver the highest standards of service, we use a flexible plan and provide innovative solutions to waste disposal problems.

Why Choose Us


The price you pay is based on what we take away. We accept cash, credit, and debit.


For the best trash removal in Boise, contact our highly trained and experienced junk removal and disposal team to solve all your rubbish challenges. Our experts strive to provide the highest standards of customer service for commercial and residential junk disposal.


We provide prompt reliable and dependable customer service for all your domestic and business junk disposal needs. For the best junk removal services in Boise, we’re just a text, call or email away.

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5.0 / 5

I accidentally booked your junk removal service for the same day next month and realized only an hour before I was expecting your team. Thanks to the polite customer executive for accommodating me on such short notice. No complaints on service and price. All good!

5.0 / 5

It was really a great job done by the guys from Royal Junk. I recently moved in and there quite a few things that needed to be taken care of. Charles, and Josh managed everything in such an amazing way. Loved the way they handled everything.

5.0 / 5

Royal-junk did a neat job of trash removal in my backyard. Our renovation left us with a lot of rubbish including old metal furniture, an ancient fountain and many damaged pots. What helped was the willingness of your team to accommodate my packed schedule and turn up at an otherwise odd hour. Pat on the back to Y'all!

5.0 / 5

My father is fond of collecting old electronic scraps and eventually, we had our storeroom full of it. It got chaotic for me to the point where I decided to find junk removal services. Thumbs up to Royal-junk for providing outstanding services and getting things back to a normal clean space.

4.9 / 5

A friendly and efficient staff that patiently meet all your questions. Full points on service and costs. Definitely my go-to junk specialists in Colorado Springs!

5.0 / 5

Tried two other junk removal services before giving royal-junk a call. Gotta admit that your price points are a lot more affordable. Your team comes in with a smile on their face and are cordial to work with. Definitely going to be calling on you often.

5.0 / 5

We’ve been working with your team on a monthly junk removal contract and are happy with the service for my 3D printing outlet (which produces a lot of plastic and paper waste, I'd say). The price point for long-term contracts is great and service is timely.

5.0 / 5

I was particularly happy with the customer support on call and hence I write this review. The lady online was prompt and very well-informed of the usual terms and requirements of electrical waste removal. Great to see you invest well in your staff!

5.0 / 5

I manage a family restaurant outside San Francisco. We’ve tried a number of trash companies over the years, what a frustrating experience. Switched to Royal Junk and the difference was huge - dependable daily pickup like clockwork. The dumpster is always clean and ready for use the next day. Love this service!

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