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Providing the with professional, fast and eco-friendly junk removal services.

Look into house attics, backyard or garage and you will find a slew of unused, bulky items that are taking up space. What happens when you ran out of storage space? Well, you can either throw them away, hold a yard sale or rent more storage space.

8.96% of U.S. households currently rent a self-storage unit

Call these stored items pre-loved items if you want but they are taking up valuable living space, become eyesores, and can be a health or fire hazard. Old mattresses can house insects and bugs. Old metal equipment can rust and cut causing infections.

It really does not pay to stow away junk and waste but large, bulky junk can be hard to dispose of. These are not accepted by local garbage men, largely due to the fact that they won’t fit inside a garbage truck. This is where junk removal and hauling companies come into play.

JunkTrashRemoval Alternatives  

Service or Feature



Collects all types of physical junk

Full service / Collect as is service

Service both commercial and residential

Multiple service locations


Same Day Service in most Locations

On the spot estimate

Online estimate based on pictures and videos


Fixed pricing based on estimate, no add ons


Eco-friendly disposal

Uniformed and professionally trained personnel

Donation pickup


Multiple booking options


Junk removal or Hauling Services


After service cleanup


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Junk removal and hauling services are offered by companies like JunkTrashRemoval that specialize in the removal and hauling of bulky items like old couches and tables, large equipment like refrigerators, and fixtures like bathtubs and sinks. It’s not easy to throw these items away due to the bulk and most local communities don’t have facilities to process this type of junk.

Established in 2006 and established at Pembroke Pines, Florida, JunkTrashRemoval provides junk removal services and operates throughout Florida in cities like Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Fort Myers.

If you are looking to hire a company like JunkTrashRemoval because of the junk accumulated in your household, garage or office area or maybe you just want to renovate and remove old furniture and equipment. We recommend that before you dial anybody's number, it is best that you look at multiple options for finding the best service at the best price.

If you are looking for great service at the best price, look no further than Royal-Junk.com, a site like JunkTrashRemoval that also offers junk removal, hauling and recycling services. Royal-Junk has been in operation for many years and has always delivered on the promises. We are one of the best JunkTrashRemoval competitors and are great alternative to JunkTrashRemoval.

Royal-Junk - One of the Alternatives to JunkTrashRemoval

Royal-Junk.com is a website similar to JunkTrashRemoval and we have been removing and hauling junk for years. Our many happy customers say that we are efficient, on time, and trustworthy. As a service business company, being recognized by the very people we serve is a source of pride and joy.

As a junk specialist, Royal-Junk tries to help the local community by hiring people with good standing to be part of the team. This helps us be more in touch with the community that we strive to serve. Also, we know that most unwanted items are not really junk, so we place high importance on recycling and reusing items before we dispose of them.

People throw away large, bulky junk like furniture (42%), textile and mattresses (19%), and electrical or electronic waste (19%). A third of these can be reused in its current state, with minor repairs, half of these bulky junk can be reused.

This exercise helps minimize what we throw in landfills and provides others in need with free, pre-loved items that they can use. This “royal” brand of service and our team’s integrity makes Royal-Junk a great company to work with.


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Benefits of Choosing Royal-Junk

Junk and trash disposal is becoming a serious threat globally and if left unchecked, we could be looking at an unhealthy and trash-filled future.

The average American throws away 4.4 pounds of trash every day. Multiply that with the current U.S. population of 323.7 million people, that’s about 728,000 tons of garbage generated daily. To help you visualize, that’s enough to fill 63,000 dumpster trucks.

Royal-Junk has long been an advocate of responsible waste disposal and our team has taken on the challenge of delivering earth friendly junk disposal services to help alleviate our waste production problem. We are constantly looking for better options to recycle and reuse junk that we collect and we view the use of landfill as a last resort.

We also pride ourselves with having the best junk hauling crew in the country. This was achieved by creating a strict screening and training process to ensure that we only get the best people to wear Royal-Junk uniforms.

When you choose to partner with Royal-Junk, we promise to;

  • Trust us to haul out everything that was agreed upon, we leave nothing out.
  • Use the best of our abilities to reuse and recycle everything and to donate whatever items to charity and other institutions.
  • Provide clear and simple pricing quotations either onsite or via online inquiries.
  • Be on time during pickup and to follow your schedule and availability.
  • Help you with your junk disposal problems, no matter how small or big the task.
  • Responsibly dispose of trash that cannot be recycled or reused.
  • Assign friendly, uniformed, and respectful Royal-Junk personnel. They are easy to identify and even easier to work with.

Royal-Junk is your best option to clear out junk at your home or office. We are a company that does not exist just for commerce purpose, we value great customer experience above all else. We see our service as an integral part of maintaining the health of our environment and habitat. This gives us the motivation to be the very best junk disposal and hauling service in the country.

For any junk removal or hauling requirement, call us and our professional waste disposal experts will help you assess the job required and provide clear price estimates. Our Royal-Junk experts are standing by ready to receive your call!