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An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) study showed that municipal waste generation in the US is steadily increasing from 208.3 million tons in 1990 to 262.4 million tons in 2015. As this issue grows further out of control, the recycling, removal and repurposing of waste material has become a local and national government priority.

That is why waste and junk removal companies are increasingly relevant due to their expertise in removing junk materials responsibly with an eye towards a cleaner and greener environment.

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Eco-Friendly Disposal

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1800GotJunk offers junk removal services for residential and corporate customers. They commonly receive junk removal orders from people doing house renovations, moving to new homes, business property management and other general decluttering requirements.

Cleaning up is sometimes not as easy as tossing everything in a dumpster, especially if you are dealing with large appliances and heavy equipment. In these types of situations, it is recommended that you hire a junk removal expert to ensure safe and environmentally friendly junk disposal.

If you are considering junk removal services, we recommend that you take a look at Royal-Junk, a site like 1800GotJunk that also offers junk removal and recycling services. Our expert personnel, passionate management and overall vision for responsible junk disposal make us a worthy alternative to 1800GotJunk.

Royal-Junk - A Great Alternative to 1800GotJunk

We want to be the best helping hand to the local communities in creating a safe, junk-free environment. With a website similar to 1800GotJunk, we offer full-service junk removal for homes and businesses that rivals our competitor.

Together with our experience in operating in the field of junk removal and years of research and business development, we have instituted improvements to our operations, especially those that impact customer experience, to help us become the best on the list of 1800GotJunk competitors.   

Benefits of Choosing Royal-Junk

We use the latest recycling and junk disposal tools and technology and train the most qualified professionals to ensure that we provide only the best customer experience. We are confident that we can handle any junk and waste related situation, be it to aid home improvement, assist in commerce or to help in natural disasters. Below are some of the benefits when choosing Royal-Junk as your junk removal partner.

  • 100% Junk removal - We will remove everything agreed upon, sometimes even more and definitely never less.
  • Responsible waste disposal - At Royal-Junk, we collect everything for processing and segregation. We aim for a higher percentage of junk reuse and recycling to minimize landfill disposal.
  • You get a free estimate - A free onsite or online estimate with a guarantee that you won't pay any add ons or extra fees.
  • Flexible pick up schedule - We only schedule junk removal and pickup at your most convenient time available.
  • No job is too big or too small - We will accept any and all junk removal requests.
  • Professional staff - We have a team of uniformed, neat, courteous and great looking junk removal experts.

Royal-Junk understands every aspect of the junk removal industry and how it affects our customers. As our name suggests, we will treat every customer like royalty and respect the integrity of their homes and businesses. For any junk removal job, call us and our professional waste disposal experts will provide cost estimates.

Royal-Junk will provide the same level of commitment and customer experience no matter the job requirement - big or small.

Why worry and do it yourself when you can call us to remove any junk, trash, debris or wastes. Our Royal-Junk experts are standing by and ready to receive your call.