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Providing the with professional, fast and eco-friendly junk removal services.

Waste and junk generation is a daunting problem that stands to affect the very future of the world. Waste products from factories and corporations are usually seen as the main source of this problem, but a similarly big source of waste and junk can be traced to more simpler origins.

Haphazard disposal of household electronics, excessive use of landfills, throwing away of old but usable items, and just plain disposal of household junk contribute to the growing waste problem.

In fact, the US is the number 1 waste producing country in the world at 1,609 pounds per person per year.

If you are living in the US, that is one statistic that you can’t be proud of. This is the reason why waste and junk removal companies like JDog are becoming more important in keeping the garbage problem under control. These companies have the necessary tools, equipment, and expertise to be efficient in the removal and disposal of junk responsibly.

Here we will discuss the merits of using junk removal specialists like JDog and how Royal-Junk stands to be a major player in this field.

JDog Alternatives

Service or Feature



Collects all types of physical junk

Full service / Collect as is service

Service both commercial and residential

Multiple service locations

Same Day Service in most Locations

On the spot estimate

nline estimate based on pictures and videos


Fixed pricing based on estimate, no add ons


Eco-friendly disposal

Uniformed and professionally trained personnel

Donation pickup


Multiple booking options


Junk removal or Hauling Services


After service cleanup


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Growing garbage and waste problem is a worldwide concern but can be controlled, if not eliminated, by the correct and responsible disposal of our waste. You can personally impact this by changing habits in throwing of trash and being more aware of how waste can affect the environment.

Larger deposits of waste, trash, and junk can be too much for an individual to handle so in these cases we recommend that you bring in the experts.

You might think that getting an incinerator, using a dumpster or throwing everything into a landfill is the end all solution - it is not.

JDog Junk Removal and Hauling is a US based company established in 2011 and has a head office located at Berwyn, Pennsylvania. It has opened multiple franchises and operates in 130 locations across the United States.

Whatever your reason for hiring a junk removal and hauling company, it is important to have options when choosing which company to work with. There are a lot of junk removal services out there. We also recommend that you check out Royal-Junk.com, a site like JDog that offers junk removal, hauling and recycling services. Our personnel, dedication, passion, work quality, and price makes us stand out among JDog competitors and a credible alternative to JDog.

Royal-Junk - One of the Alternatives to JDog 

Royal-Junk.com is a website similar to JDog that also offers the same junk removal and hauling service. We see our company as a provider of local community service that is why we hire local people that know and love the territory.

This also gives us the motivation to improve on every facet of service with the vision to become the foremost authority in junk removal and hauling. We did our homework and studied what others are doing and we improve on those while “junking” things that don’t make a lot of sense like giving iffy cost estimates.

JDog Features & Prices

To effectively present the merits of both companies, we have prepared a comparison table to help you decide which junk removal and hauling company is best for your requirements. This should also show that Royal-Junk is the best among JDog alternatives.


Benefits of Choosing Royal-Junk

From home and condominium owners to people occupying large corporate buildings, people seem to collect various stuff with no use or refuse to throw away equipment thinking that it still has value. In a few years, those things pile and become a junk problem. A problem that can become a health and fire hazard not only to the immediate owner of the establishment but to the local community as well.
Royal-Junk sees this as a challenge and we have used this as motivation in our quest to be the best recycling, disposal, and hauling company. To do this, we continually improve our service by learning all the innovations in recycling and junk disposal. We also have a diligent hiring and training process to ensure that Royal-Junk gets only the best of the best to ensure that we provide great customer experience.
When you choose to partner with Royal-Junk, we promise to;


  • Haul out and remove 100% removal of identified items for disposal or hauling.
  • Segregate and organize all collected junk and waste. We aim to find new homes for usable items by donating them or by finding ways to reuse and recycle.
  • Provide free clear price estimates either online or on-site with a stamp of our Royal-Junk high-quality service guarantee.
  • Be very flexible in scheduling our service and to follow your most convenient time available.
  • Accept any junk removal task, we do not discriminate between big or small jobs. If you need our help, Royal-Junk will be there to provide assistance.
  • Assign a very competent and professional team to handle disposal and hauling services.

We take our job seriously so whether it be for homes or commerce, it gives us great joy and pride to provide you the best service possible. As our name suggests, we treat every customer like royalty and respect the integrity of their homes and businesses. For any junk removal job, call us and our professional waste disposal experts will provide cost estimates.

Royal-Junk will provide the same level of commitment and customer experience no matter the job requirement - big or small.

Why worry and do it yourself when you can trust us to remove any junk, trash, debris or wastes. Our Royal-Junk experts are standing by ready to receive your call!