Junk Donation

Providing the with professional, fast and eco-friendly junk removal services.

Unwanted furniture or office items taking up space? Are drawers and closets full of clothes no longer worn? If you have things that you no longer want, don’t throw them out, donate them to a local charity. You’ll be helping out someone in need and making a positive impact on the environment by keeping usable junk out of the landfills.

More than 10 million tons of furniture that could be recycled end up in landfills annually in the US. Additionally, according to landfill audits, 8% of materials dumped are clothes and other textiles that could be reused. A lot of clothes today are made of blended fibers that don’t break down or leach out and cause contamination of soil and groundwater. Some communities have even banned textiles from landfills.

Clothing and furniture can be recycled and reused. Most can be kept out of landfills. 35% of clothing collected is recycled and turned into insulation, carpet pads, and industrial rags. One big city Charity identifies it annually diverts 12,000 tons of furniture from landfills. What cannot be sold is repurposed or broken down and the materials recycled.

Many charities pick-up, but you have to carry it out and wait on their schedule. If you need help getting your donation out, Royal junk is here to help you out. Contact us, and we’ll send a friendly professional team who will carry your donation out, clean up any mess, and take it to the charity of your choice.

What We Do

Some charities have limited space and often only take large items when they have someone who needs it. You can phone around, or wait for your charity of choice to call saying they’re on their way. No need to wait or rent or borrow a vehicle, call on us. We offer same day pick up.

Our experienced team will do all the work. They’ll do all the lifting and carrying, tidy up any mess, and haul your donation away. Then deliver it to your charity of choice, collect any charitable donation receipt, and mail it to you. As simple as 1, 2, 3!

How It Works

When you contact us for a donation pick up, you often have a charity in mind. We’ll pick it up and deliver it for you, all on your schedule! You don’t have to wait or lug it out. Our driver and their assistant do it all. If there are items that need to go to different locations for donation, we’ll deliver where they need to go.

Why Contact Us

We have the experience. With 29 years in the business, we’ve developed contacts and networks with charities and companies that take furniture, appliances, and clothing donations. If you’re unsure who to donate what to, we can help. Our goal is to donate as much as possible.

Our team will carry it out, tidy up, and take it to donate. They’ll collect the tax-deduction receipt and mail it to you. Give us a call. We’ll do it all!